Sunday, August 8, 2010

TARA MCPHERSON + JP CUISON ( a dream come true )

This is a dream come true for me.

PLACE: Vinyl on Vinyl
TIME: about 11 pm (August 7 2010)

JP: Hi Tara! Just want to thank you for being my inspiration. I'm really in to making gig posters and one of the reasons is you.

TARA: Oh thank you. ☺

JP: Can I ask you a favor? It’s really my dream to collaborate with you. Can you please draw anything here? (Then I showed him my drawing).

Tara: hmmm…

JP: You can draw anything…as in anything…Mr. wobbles will do (wink wink) ;-)

Tara: ok :-)

And here is the product of this instant "art collaboration".

Thank you so much Tara. Now I can brag that I did collaborate with my idol :-)
(The “holding hands” is my drawing then she puts her trademark skull flower drawing on the girl’s arm. Yipee!! =)

Special thanks to Vinyl and Vinyl :-)

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