Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buzztro and Jarvis X Subway Singapore

So happy to announce the first product merchandize appearance od BUZZTRO & JARVIS the albino bat. For SUBWAY SINGAPORES' "Say it with a Sub" campaign! Thank you very Much Subway, Saatchi Singapore and Kimmy De Leon :-) To God be all the glory! for more info, click here

Monday, June 30, 2014


CLIENT: Herbert Hernandez (lakihan mo Logo) POSTER BY JP CUISON

Bratpack Remix project

Thank you very much bratpack/eastpack for this opportunity.

Monday, March 31, 2014


JP CUISON UNLEASHES NEW CARTOON HIT, BUZZTRO AND JARVIS THE ALBINO BAT It's not just a show. It's not just an exhibit. It's the launch of a brand new cartoon on TV. That's how artist JP Cuison describes his latest offering, his 5th solo show, which will be housed at the Secret Fresh Gallery, at the Ronac Art Center in Ortigas, from April 6 (Launch Day) to 19. There, he will unveil and unleash into the world his creations, "Buzztro and Jarvis the Albino Bat." They are his "Mickey Mouse" or his "Bart Simpson," cartoon characters he can finally call his. More known for his work that uses a lot of pop culture icons and characters, Cuison this time creates his own. Even the exhibit style will be different. The works on the walls will be stories: episodes of Buzztro and Jarvis, rendered in storyboard style. Here, Cuison's advertising background comes to the fore. So as you go through the gallery, it's as if you're watching the pilot season of this new cartoon hit. JP says that Buzztro and Jarvis are actually products of his life as a father. His two daughters would of course not allow him to switch the channel from their favourite cartoons. And so he watched with them. And was inspired. He even collaborated with his his daughters in some of the works. The Opening Theme's lyrics, in fact, were done by his daughter, Sashi. And if Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon pick up his creations? Cuison says he'll be very happy for Jarvis and Buzztro. Any plans of selling merchandise, as it is mandatory in the cartoon world? Of course. There are already plans to make Buzztro and Jarvis toys - hopefully in the vinyl form. So come on launch day, April 6, at the Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center. The exhibit runs until April 9.

Monday, January 13, 2014 Top 10 Most Attention-Grabbing Local Movie Posters from 2013

Thank you for including our "Blue Bustamante" poster in your list. Direk Miko Livelo sobrang salamat sa pagkakataon. Mabuhay ka! To God be all the glory! Thank you for that concept. Thank you for the talent.